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Fertilization - Our 6 Application Program

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Round 1 (to be applied March 15-April 15)
Our first application has two components.  The first component, a balanced fertilizer with nitrogen as a key ingredient, is specially formulated to stimulate recovery from winter. The fertilizer also includes phosphorus and potassium for sustaining strong, healthy turfgrass during the coming months.  The second component is a pre-emergent crabgrass control. A chemical barrier surrounds the crabgrass seed and neutralizes it. It is applied now because, to be effective, treatment must occur before germination of the weed.  Please note that it could take some time for established weeds to die.

Blanket Weed Control Application (late Spring and/or early Fall, depending on conditions)
This new application is for broadleaf weed control and can be applied in liquid form.  Based on our experience, liquid form is the most effective way to control broadleaf weeds.  Post-emergence is the main way for control.  Please note that it could take some time for established weeds to die. 

Round 2 (to be applied May 15-June 7)
The second of five annual granular treatments is made to promote healthy growth and to prepare your lawn for the rigors of summer.  Fertilizers provide the nutrients that are necessary to sustain plant growth; heat and drought hardiness and wear tolerance are also benefits derived from these nutrients. The application contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium as well as micronutrients including iron, sulfur, magnesium and zinc. These micronutrients will help your lawn maintain the lush green color you desire.

Round 3 (to be applied June 15-July 15)
This application also has two components.  It contains a preventative for white grub worms.  These pests can destroy your lawn; however, this application is timed to treat white grub worms before they hatch.  Furthermore, this application is designed to help keep your lawn strong through the summer. The other component of this summer application is fertilizer. We have used a controlled release fertilizer that will provide your lawn with regular nourishment during the summer. This also reduces stress on the lawn during dry, hot weather.

Round 4 (to be applied September 1-October 7)
A prime objective of this application is to promote recuperative growth and color. The nitrogen-heavy fertilizer is applied at this time of the year because somewhat cooler temperatures, especially at night, afford an excellent environment for growing turfgrass.

Round 5 (to be applied October 20-November 30)
This final application of the year is a specially formulated fertilizer that will provide nutrients to stimulate root growth and to store carbohydrates in the roots of the grass. This gives the turfgrass extra strength to survive the winter and provides for an early spring green-up while minimizing excessive shoot growth and disease problems.  The grass roots are hidden from view and often not given the consideration they deserve. Roots function to anchor the plants in the soil and, of course, to absorb water and nutrients.  This time of the year is a period of active root growth and by fertilizing now we will strengthen plants that may be recovering from pest injury or damage from environmental stresses.

Watering Instructions
In general, watering should be done on a regular once a week schedule if there has not been sufficient rainfall. It should be done with a single HEAVY watering for each area of your lawn. The soil should be wet to a depth of 4 to 8 inches from irrigation. This is usually between 1" and 2" of water.  A slow-release granular fertilizer will be used for each application.  While we will try to time each application to occur before a rainfall, it is important that you “water-in” each application for 1-2 hours if rain does not happen to fall within 24 hours of the application.  We will mark your lawn with a flag after each application.

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