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Turf is mowed weekly or as necessary at a height of 3" as conditions permit in order to maintain a neat appearance; trimming around obstacles and along edges of turf is part of the standard mowing service along with power blowing of sidewalks and parking/non-turf areas

Developed through years of experience, JP's Lawn Care has a 6 Step Application Program to keep your lawn looking great througout the year.

Snow Removal
Snow is cleared off parking areas, walkways, etc. automatically after any snowfall of 2” or more; service will also be performed per your request for any snowfall less than the 2” threshold; salt can be applied to these surfaces if desired to keep them free of ice at an additional charge; additional rates may apply to any snowfall of 6” or more.

Bush/Shrub Trimming
Bushes/shrubs/perennials are trimmed back as necessary in order to remove excess growth to maintain a neat appearance; clippings shall be cleaned up/hauled away from site; this service is performed by request

Mulching Landscape Beds
Premium hardwood or cedar mulch can be delivered and spread throughout landscaping to enhance appearance and suppress weed growth; we purchase mulch from Chapman Stone & Marble in Springfield

Gutter Cleaning
Debris is removed from gutters and downspouts to ensure proper drainage during rainy season; this is especially important before winter so that sitting water does not freeze in gutters

Pressure Washing
Siding, concrete, decks, etc. can be cleaned of mildew, dirt, etc. to restore natural beauty

Leaf Cleanup
The cleanup and removal of leaves and other debris (i.e. gumballs) in the fall and spring seasons can be performed as necessary to prevent excess accumulation; the customer’s cost is based on actual time spent performing the service, in addition to charges for hauling and disposal

Spray non-turf areas
Weeds growing in non-turf areas (i.e. landscape beds and parking areas) can be sprayed as needed to maintain a neat appearance

Other Services
If you are interested in a service that is not listed here, just ask us about it. If we are not capable of providing the desired service, then we would be happy to refer you to someone that we know is capable.

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