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Name: Kathryn Rubinkowski

City: Springfield, IL

 "JP's Lawn Service is the best!  They take care of our yard Spring through Fall, and snow removal in the Winter. I have allergies and so can't get out to do much work in the landscaping, so really appreciate their response when mulch, clean-up, etc is needed! A wonderful locally owned business to support!!"

"Look out the window this morning and found JP's Lawn Care guys working. Yeah!  Yard will look great and the neighbors will be happy to see leaves gone from our yard.  JP's is the best!"

Name: Mark

City: Springfield, IL

"The two men that put down mulch for us on August 31 did very good work.  They were also very nice and polite.  They asked me to check their work shortly after they started, and once again when they were done.  I asked for one small fix at the end and they made that fix right away."

Name: Lindsay

City: Springfield, IL

"This company was recommended to me by a relative. I could not believe how quickly they got back to me (same day) and got started on my lawn. I was hesitant to request service via internet request form, but to my pleasant surprise, I got same day service. Not to mention  they had the lowest quote I had gotten so far! I wanted to make sure and let them know how well they are doing. We often only hear about the negatives of a company. Thank you for a great experience thus far!!"

Name: Linda

City: Springfield, IL

"Joe and Peter have done my yard work for several years from simple mowing and  trimming to mulching and hauling boulder rocks. They have always done excellent work, are dependable, and I've recommended them to several friends."

Name: Charles Salvo

City: Springfield, IL

"We have used JP's services since the company started, and have been very satisfied. I will continue to recommend his company for snow removal and lawn care. They are very reliable and knowledgeable."

Name: Jim and Corinne David

City: Springfield, Il

"Last year in the spring, I had a minor heart attack and my wife had had a shoulder replaced, so we were going to need help with our yard for a few weeks/couple months. We had heard of JP's from our neighbor and had watched them work at their yard for a year or two before us. We were always impressed with their quality of work.

We hired them on a tentative basis and we were so pleased, we decided to let them finish the year.

Over the winter, we surely aggravated them by signing up for snow removal, but frequently our neighbors helped by blowing or shoveling snow before they could get here. They never said a word or billed us for a wasted trip, if indeed they made one. I think they did end up cleaning a snow a time or two, and what a relief that was.

We were so pleased, we signed on for another year this year and I think we will probably stick with them indefinitely. We also threw them a curve by putting up a fence, and even having an extra wide gate so they could get into the back yard easily.

But, DOH!! The gate was inaccessible from further away because of bushes and a neighbor's fence.

Did they complain? Not at all. They just go all the way around and use the back (smaller) gate, and might have to work with a big smaller mower.

Anyway, we are VERY happy with them and would recommend them to anyone. The price is reasonable, a bit more than I might be able to get by paying a neighbor kid, but I know I am getting a professional job every time, and they are so very reliable. The peace of mind is worth it for us.

Kudo's to JP's and THANK YOU!!"

Name: Donna Galassi Hudspeth

City: Springfield, IL

"I really don't know where to begin, there are so many great things about this company. Joe at JP Lawn Care has become an immensely important person in our life. Joe is professional, competent and I am convinced there is nothing that he cannot do in regard to the Lawn Care profession. I love the fact that Joe is dependable in regard to taking care of my Lawn Care-he is always there when he says he will be. My lawn looks great. JP Lawn care is truly a full service company. I am so grateful they also do snow removal, gutter maintenance, and a wealth of services that anticipate what customers need.

Joe has actually become a part of out family; my family also depends on him-when he has stepped in to help at critical times.

There is no other lawn care service in this area or any area that could surpass these guys.

Thank you Joe! We are lucky to have you in our lives.
Congratulations you guys on a great company!"

Name: Sheila McCurley

City: Springfield, IL

"I appreciate the services provided by this company more than I can say! They are prompt and particular about the job that they do. I know that they will show up like clockwork and get the job done. Not only do they do the work, they go above and beyond. Last winter during a heavy snow storm they actually cleared my drive on Christmas Eve night! I did not ask for any special treatment on that holiday. They did that on their own. This company has always treated me with respect and kind attention. Thank you JP's - you are the best! And BTW - my lawn has never looked better!"


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